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RUHENS Electrolyzed Water GeneratorWCE-200

Product Details
Dimension Base: 137(W)x135(D)68(H)mm
Sprayer bottle: 90(W)x90(D)x275(H)mm
Capacity 450ml
Weight Base: 210g
Sprayer bottle: 285g
Power AC 220V/60Hz
  • microbubble sized electrolyzed water for the efficient deodorization and sterilization.
    Without any chemical additive harmful bacteria Removable up to 99.9%
  • Mega mesh triple layered electrodes
    Triple layered electrodes with high strength and conductive properties semi-permanent
  • Tritan material
    WCE-200 is eco-friendly material that has BPA free
  • 3 modes of classified usage
    Deodorization('LOW') / Cleaning('MID') / Sterilization('HIGH')
  • Smart control technology
    Stop automatically when generating electrolyte more than 200 ppm.
  • High-capacity electrolyzed water
    High-capacity compared with the previous model(400ml -> 450ml)