The R&D center of Wonbong, the overseas export leader in the water purifier industry, creates innovations that will grow throughout the world.

Wonbong R&D Center is making continuous efforts to develop better products based on a safety-first technology philosophy.
Through unrivaled technological development and expanded research facilities, we have established ourselves as a global leading company
in the environmental domestic appliances and home care fields.

Wonbong's R&D Center invests in research for cleaner water, continues to innovate by improving customers' health
and leisure time and strives to provide a better lifestyle.

Wonbong’s R&D center prioritizes safety

“The safest product is the best product.”

“The safest product is the best product.”
based on our technology development philosophy, we work tirelessly
to create the best environment-friendly home appliances.

Through continuous development,
Wonbong has achieved unparalleled technological advances and is
a leading global company in the production of the world's best home

We create safe and convenient environmental friendly domestic appliances with Wonbong’s unique
patented technology
After being established in 2002, the Wonbong Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd., was certified by the Korea Industrial Technology Promotion Agency in 2004.
Wonbong R&D Center (Magok Research Complex, Seoul) expanded and relocated in 2018 to improving customer’s lifestyles through research on environmental domestic appliances and a more prosperous and comfortable way of living.

R&D center team composition

  • System design team

    Development of product internal systems and
    verification of product performance

  • Circuit design team

    Electrical components and product controls
    Circuit development, evaluation and focus on
    domestic, and overseas product certifications

  • Instrument design team

    Review of product shape and the design of
    functional parts.
    Mass production preparedness

  • Water Chemistry Team

    Research, development, and deep analysis of
    quality control processes to ensure the highest
    water quality in our products

  • Reliability Evaluation Team

    Ensuring durable life of functional parts
    Identifying and verifying potential failures in
    the development stage
    Development of reliability evaluation criteria

Wonbong R&D Center, which was certified for manufacturing electric water heaters/coolers in 1993, is striving forward through innovation and tireless work on our customer’s behalf.