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From a manufacturer of products

to a company to create value WONBONG

Through our core values of honesty, innovation, and trust, WONBONG dreams of a thriving and
happy corporate culture where both our customers and employees share trust in the company and each other.

We keep our promises and built trust to aim to improve the health and leisure of our customers.
WONBONG’s continued innovation strives to, take our industry to the next level.
In the past,, we grew go fast precisely because we didn't try to grow for the sake of it but because we were offering the best products to the market.

Today you can buy our products in more than 60 countries. But we are not satisfied with standing still.

Since its establishment in 1991, WONBONG has been manufacturing and selling cold and hot water purifiers and water purifiers.
We dared to challenge the rental business of water purifiers and eco-friendly home appliances with the newest brand 'RUHENS'.

With our mission of, honesty, innovation, and trust in mind, we have transformed succeeded ourselves into earning the trust confidence of our customers.

A better product is a safer product. Our products are introduced to the world as 100% our own technology and we never hesitate to stand behind our products because we know that they are made the right way.

WONBONG is recognized for our ability in the field of eco-friendly home appliances, ranking first in Korean exports which are well known for their high quality standards.
Now WONBONG with its own brand RUHENS not only manufactures excellent products but can also be recognized as a 'life care' brand improving the health and life of customers.
As life patterns and forms vary, so do customer needs.
The types of products and services needed must be constantly changed and developed.
WONBONG's 'RUHENS' will earn the trust of customers through continuous innovation with our honest products and services.
WONBONG will realize the value for the health of customers with cleaner water and air as the world’s clean water and air sustain the value of human life.

Thank you.

CEO Y. D. Kim