A creative company where people and the environment co-exist.

With our goal of pursuing people's health and happiness in harmony with the environment,
we are engaged in the diversification of environmental home appliances and health-related products.
As a result, we aim to grow into a company that continues to provide services for people'’s lives
and a clean environment.

  • Co-existence with the Environment

  • Diversification of product range

  • Service for customers


  • 01

    We create standards for people around the world.

    We aim to provide the best quality and service across countries and cultures,
    satisfying customer needs with efficient function and design.

  • 02

    by increasing the value of our members.

    We establish systematic talent development and a reasonable compensation system to encourage engaged leaders who have creative and moral behavior.
    We aim to grow together by maximizing the value of our members and creating a happy corporate culture in which both employees and the company are satisfied.

  • 03

    We advance into the world with quality and technology.

    We have combined modern, autonomous facilities with leading technology to produce filters, a key component of water purifiers.
    Through this, we manufacture water purifiers that allow you to drink clear and clean water with confidence.
    We have obtained quality and certification marks recognized by countries around the world and export our products to over 60 countries.