RUHENS, Awarded in ‘iF Design Award 2021 in Germany’

2021 - 04 - 15


RUHENS, Awarded in ‘iF Design Award 2021 in Germany’

- Award by the washbasin filter and electrolyzed water dispenser
- Design which focused on connection between nature and users

Picture 1) RUHENS has won an award at ‘iF Design Award 2021’. Wash basin filter V2

RUHENS( a lifestyle brand from WONBONG CO., Ltd., who also specialize in the manufacture of water and air purifiers has won an award at the ‘If Design Awards 2021’ in Germany.

‘Washbasin filter V2’ by RUHENS is an exclusive filter for washbasin and bathroom faucets released in December 2020. In order to be more convenient for consumers this new design is 8% smaller than previous models available in the market. It primary purpose is to increase the ability to filter out more impurities than ever before using the double micro-sediment filtration system that is effective even at high flow rates.

The design of the washbasin filter V2 is inspired by the ‘window’ which connects nature and users. This is also the inspiration for the design of the filter units in RUHENS, minimizing the internal structure exposure to avoid contaminants spilling out while also allowing the consumer to check the filter replacement level in real time. The stylish minimal design will fit any bathroom style and increase customer satisfaction.

Director Seung-Wu Yoo of the production design department states “We have tried to incorporate our company’s philosophy of keeping consumers healthy and relaxed through our product design. We believe that this is the reason that we were awarded this prize and we will continue to use the latest technology to produce more designs that create new memories and sensations for our customer’s enjoyment.

For the ‘iF Design Awards 2021’ over 98 professional judges from all over the world evaluated more than 10,000 entries from 52 different countries.